Writing for Bones with Callum Au

Wed, Apr. 14, 2021 6:00pm

Callum Au 2

 Simon Minshall talks to British composer, arranger, orchestrator, and trombonist Callum Au.

It is safe to say that Callum is one of the most important musicians of our generation, bridging all genres and truly championing our instrument.

He writes music across a wide range of genres, with a particular passion for big band and large jazz ensemble music. He is highly regarded for his stylistic awareness and versatility, and has worked with some of the world’s biggest artists, including Quincy Jones, Jamie Cullum, and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

We will be focussing on a number of various topics, but expect to delve into one of Callum's largest trombone works 'Disorganised Crime' https://youtu.be/0mrr_ugSHZw

The talk will be Live from Zoom and also the BTS Facebook page, and welcoming questions from all.

Topic: 'Writing for Bones' with Callum Au
Time: Apr 14, 2021 18:00 London

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