ITA Affiliation

What is ITA Affiliation?

As an individual national trombone society, the British Trombone Society resides under the global umbrella organisation of the International Trombone Association. The ITA publishes a quarterly journal as well as hosting many international events. As members of the British Trombone Society, we are able to take advantage of a preferential membership rate on offer from the ITA. For more details about the ITA, see the International Trombone Association website

Who do I contact?

Members are encouraged to put all queries regarding ITA membership to Chris Sowerby:


How much does it cost?

British Trombone Society Members are able to pay into an ITA UK bank account in pounds sterling. The special rate is £21.00, representing a saving of £13.00 on the full price of £34.00 ($50.00). Membership subscriptions are collected annually. Members are encouraged to pay by Direct Debit wherever possible as this is both easier to manage and cheaper, though cheques are also accepted. For questions about payment and other payment methods please contact Chris Sowerby directly at the above email address or by phone – 01924 437359.
Do NOT pay directly to ITA via the ITA website.

Click here to download the ITA Membership Form.