The BTS Trombone Quartet Competition 2015

The British Trombone Society invites participants for the inaugural BTS Quartet Competition.  The competition is open to all quartets of any standard and will be judged on choice of programme, musical and technical ability, and entertainment value.

The competition will take place at the Royal Academy of Music, London, NW1 5HT on June 7th, 2015, by a panel selected by the BTS Committee.

The Prize

The winning quartet will receive a full sixteen-piece set of Wallace Mutes.

The highest placed junior quartet will receive the BTS Junior Quartet Trophy, to be retained until the next competition.

Both winning quartets may be invited to perform at a future BTS event.

Entry Details

To register please complete this Entry Form and send it to: [email protected] to arrive no later than May 1st, 2015

Please email [email protected] for fee payment details.

General Conditions

Quartets may contain any combination of bass, tenor or alto instruments. To be eligible for the junior quartet prize, the combined age of the players must not exceed 75.  Entry fee is £40 per quartet where all four players are paid up members of the BTS and £60 per quartet if they contain one or more non-BTS members; both include free admission to all areas of the BTS day.

Quartet fees are subject to a 25% discount should one or more players also enter the Ian Bousfield Tenor Trombone competition, to be held on the same day.

To qualify for this discount at least one member of the quartet must have already entered the Ian Bousfield competition.

Quartets should perform a varied programme of their own choice lasting not more than ten minutes.

Travel expenses to and from the Royal Academy of Music will not be paid.  The decision of the judges is final; there is no right of appeal. All performances are open to the public.