Social Media Manager Required

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Social Media Manager Required
The BTS is looking for a Social Media Manager:



  • to manage and oversee our social content on all of our accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and our website (CMS run).
  • to collate and upload content submissions, adhering to the BTS Style Guide.
  • to ensure content is mirrored across all platforms, where appropriate.
  • to manage campaigns in relation to our activities – eg. after each magazine issue publication.
  • to ensure material is uploaded at suitable times, and spread out where possible to ensure we have a consistent presence.
  • content will be sent to you finished with any relevant media, attachments and links.
  • you will then check that it fits with our BTS Style Guide and ensure it is uploaded where required.
  • you will be given scope to seek out material to share of your own accord if you so wish – but this role is primarily to manage content.
  • posts should reflect the aims and mission of the charity.
  • familiarity with each social platform.
  • good use of language.
  • £100 per month

If you think this job may be suitable for you, please email: giving your name, contact details and reasons why we should consider you for this post.

Please submit your application by Monday, 17 August 2020.

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