Pandora's Box at the Edinburgh Fringe

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Pandora’s Box is a trio of hidden delights, combining music of the late medieval and Renaissance periods with contemporary composition, improvisation, poetry and physical theatre. Weaving a subtle tapestry of words and music, poetry of love and intrigue from the courts, pilgrim routes and cloisters of Old Europe, to gritty modern sound worlds. Lift the lid and watch what flies out!

Music from the Chatilly Codex, Hildegard von Bingen, Ortiz, Monteverdi, Benjamin Britten, John Kenny, Brian Lynn, Susumo Yoshida. The world première of a new work for violin and two sackbuts by Rachel Stott, and many anonymous fellow travellers - inspired by a legion of anonymous poets, Petrarch, Chaucer, Shakespeare, Brian Nisbet, Molly Bashaw and more.

  • Thursday 16 & Friday 17 August, 21:00 at St Mary’s Cathedral, 23 Palmerston Place, Edinburgh Haymarket, Edinburgh EH12 5AW. Tickets: £12 or £10 concessions
  • Saturday 18 August at 19:00 at Crichton Collegiate Church, Crichton, Pathhead, Midlothian, EH37 5XA. Tel: +44 (1875) 320502 or +44 (1875) 320364. This is a magnificent, stone vaulted Crusader's preceptory chapel next to Crichton Castle.

Music performed by:

  • Emily White: alto & tenor sackbut, trombone, baroque violin, voice
  • Miguel Tantos Sevilliano: alto & tenor sackbut, trombone, voice
  • John Kenny: sackbut, alto, tenor & bass trombone, recorders, voice
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