Results of the BTS Composers Competition

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Following 46 submissions to the BTS Composers Competition 2008-2009, judges Bruce Fraser, Philip Wilby and Paul Lovatt-Cooper have selected worthy winners.

The standard in the Senior Quartet and Unaccompanied sections was very high. The judges first selected finalists in each section before picking a winner and runner-up. We had entries from Italy, the USA, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, and, of course, the UK.

Brett Baker

Winners receive the opportunity to have their composition published by Warwick Music and will have their compositions performed by top players at BTS events in 2009, including the prestigious Black Dyke Arts Festival on 31 May 2009 at Leeds Metropolitan University, Headingley Campus.

Junior Quartet: winner Robin Benton with Dance Suite.

Senior Quartet: winner Philip Nell (UK), submitted by Derek Bishop, with Three Variations for four trombones. Runner-up Marcus Weeks (UK) with Carreaux.

Trombone and Piano: winner Ryan Jesperson (Kansas, USA) with Fragments and Memories.

Unaccompanied Trombone: Winner Dan Jenkins (UK) with Fantasia. Runner-up Luca Vanneschi (Italy) with Being.

It was disappointing that there were not more entries for the trombone and brass band section and we may well run a duet section next year, depending on interest.

Congratulations to the winners; we look forward to hearing them during 2009.

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