Surge Festival Trombone Choir

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Surge Festival Trombone Choir

JOIN the surge festival TROMBONE CHOIR!

BEAUTIFUL BONES at Surge Festival 2023

This Summer in Glasgow, we are staging BEAUTIFUL BONES, a massed outdoor street theatre and music spectacle to be performed as part of Surge Festival in August.

We have an exciting opportunity for trombonists of all ages and experience.

Playing alongside internationally renowned trombonist, John Kenny with original music, from award winning composer, Stephen Deazley, BEAUTIFUL BONES is a large-scale street spectacle and musical pandemonium that reframes the rituals of death as a celebration of life. In BEAUTIFUL BONES a theme of general celebration, comedic irreverence and blissful acceptance challenges our own dour and often miserable rituals.  The performance and music draws inspiration from Mardi Gras, 1990’s rave culture and Mexico’s Day of the Dead.

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