Young trombone player project

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The BTS is excited to announce a collaboration between Warwick Group, John Hornby Skewes and John Packer, that will encourage more students to take up the trombone over the next few years.

The lack of young people starting to play instruments at school and, indeed, continuing to play once at secondary school, is a major concern to the Society. Brett Baker, BTS President, is aiming to raise £4,000 towards supplying instruments to young players, along with £2,000 which will be generated from selling the new recording, Fanfare.

A pilot scheme will take place in South Wales, as our Teacher of the Year, Jo Hirst, has had success with thirty 11 year-old pupils and organised last year’s Tiddly Troms event. She will be supported by the provision of trombones that will be the property of the BTS and labelled as such.

In a separate development, with John Hornby Skewes, in the north of England, the BTS will purchase their Odyssey trombone range to encourage new players along the M62 corridor to start up. In the South of England, John Packer Ltd. will partner with the BTS, which will utilise their JP031 model trombone.

Hubs will be set up in Leeds, Manchester, Leicester, Sheffield, Gloucester and London. Brett commented: "The great thing about the trombone is its flexibility to play many styles of music; I really hope this pilot project takes off!"

So far, we have raised £800 towards the £6,000 total target, from contributors such as Denis Wick, Donald Hanson, Diana Lusher, Ian Bousfield, Stephen Cobb, Steve Hanover, the Black Dyke Trombone Quartet and Bob Hughes. One young trombone player has raised £62 through his local Scout group for the scheme. If you would like to be involved in the scheme and help the BTS to raise money for this worthy cause, then please e-mail Brett Baker.

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