John Kenny makes new noises

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Scottish contemporary trombone star John Kenny will perform in Corsham Festival (near Bath) next month. His first appearance is in a lunchtime lecture recital on the 2000-year old brass instrument of war: the carnyx. This is followed by a late night concert featuring a collaboration with oboe/percussion duet New Noise in a varied mix of classical, electronic, jazz and contemporary music.  Thursday 22 June, 1pm St Aldhelm???s Church, Pickwick Road, Corsham, Wiltshire John Kenny brings an unusual instrument into the limelight: the carnyx ??? a replica of a 2,000-year-old Celtic war horn excavated near Fochabers in Aberdeenshire. Its baleful, ancient sound has moved composers of today to write new works incorporating its unique voice. Thursday 22 June, 10pm Hartham Church, Hartham Park, Hartham, near Corsham, Wiltshire Janey Miller oboe Joby Burgess percussion John Kenny carnyx/trombone Matthew Fairclough Sound Iannis Xenakis Dmaathen Dobrinka Tabakova Frozen River Flows John Kenny Voice of the Carnyx Ian Willcock For the Republic Emily Hall Join Burgess/Fairclough/Kenny/Miller Nowhere House Tickets to each event ??5.50 Box office 0845 458 0797

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