New Arnold Jacobs book

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Bruce Nelson has compiled a book based on the teachings of famous Chicago tuba player Arnold Jacobs. As both player and teacher, Jacobs influenced a generation of brass players in America and beyond. Nelson is a former bass trombonist of the Lyric Opera of Chicago and studied with Jacobs for thirty years. According to the publisher, Polymnia Press, this new book collects advice on six areas of playing a brass instrument: fundamental concepts, mental control, embouchure, breathing, articulation and practising/performing. Apparently most of the book consists of Jacobs' own words, as Nelson quotes directly from the many masterclasses, which were videoed. Another disciple of Jacobs, Brian Frederiksen, wrote a book several years ago called Song and Wind which touches on many of these topics as well as provides much biographical detail. Brian has contributed an appendix to Nelson's book detailing breathing devices. The book is available now online for US$21.95. For more information, please see the website of Polymnia Press.

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